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Quartz Co.

Quartz Co. is a hard working local winter apparel manufacturer with a spirited and ambitious new direction. They offer tough yet elegant coats designed to last through many of our cold, cold winters. Classic and quality designs that will bear with you from city to nature. That’s the Northern Spirit.

Feed has reshaped the whole brand with a new logo, new typefaces (say hello to Vells Mono!), new crisp colors, product details, catalogues, photo direction and much more.

Brand Strategy

Maxime G. Delisle, Consulat
Olivier Blouin
Julien Grimard, Consulat

UX and Web Development
Azran & Chank


Vells Mono was designed as part of the visual identity of studio SSSVLL. Since 2008, Guillaume Sasseville has been researching the common: the fermata where materials, object, space and usage unite. Vells, a monospace font, inspired by the molded letters of rubber stamps, bears the mark of the common. The contours of its compact imprint are malleable, and it can inflate to adapt to all scales. Vells was made to imprint materials according to all known processes, and it can do it without ever losing its bounce.

Object design

Graphic design
Studio Feed

Photo : Chloé Dulude

Photo : Chloé Dulude

Photo : Chloé Dulude

Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui 2017–18 Season

The campaign for the brand new season of Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui is the work of local agency Gauthier. As with previous years, the series of posters put forth striking and inviting portraits. And there is some Wigrum, used quite boldly. The result is very direct and shouts loud and proud.


Creative direction
Shawn Bedford & Lisa Tremblay

Artistic direction
Alix Neyvoz

Christian Blais